We’re more than a bikini brand and store…

We’re sustainability advocates.

We are a sustainable store. We inspire you to be a smart consumer by providing sustainable swimwear and apparel, second hand clothes and plastic free goods!

The fashion industry is one of the largest pollutants in the world, for this reason we created Chia.

2 years ago we opened our first flagship store in Costa Rica, where we implemented various sustainable practices that have become our business compass.

By 2022 we will transition to only having sustainable brands in our stores. Yes, you read that right: stores, in plural!

We just opened our first overseas store in Byron Bay, Australia! Under the same mission and vision of providing a safer option for consumers and the environment.

In short, Chia is growing and we’re proud to be part of the fashion revolution.


About our sustainable store in Byron Bay.

This is not an ordinary space and we’ll tell you why.

Firstly, we used 90kgs of hemp in our fit-out from Balanced Earth. Hemp has excellent carbon sequestration rates, as a result we are storing CO2 in our furniture and avoiding it to go into the atmosphere.

Our hangers are made with 120 grams of recycled plastic diverted from landfill.

Defy transformed our logo mark hanger design into reality.

We used Magnesium Oxychloride Cement to create the benchtops of the store. This material is an alternative to Portland Cement which accounts for 5-8% of all global greenhouse emissions!

Magnesium cement is principally composed of a byproduct from Australia’s magnesium mining. Read more about this environmentally friendly cement here.

All the before mentioned elements helped us build a store that is green in its form and color.

In addition, we are following trends in sustainability such as: rental, pre-owned and bulk beauty. In short, we have eliminated fast fashion from the equation.

We are in love with both of our stores, we hope you love them both as much as we do.

Check out the store in Costa Rica here.

Check out the store in Australia here.

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