Best swimsuits for surfing from Chia No 3 Verde Collection.

What makes a girl pick the best swimsuits for surfing? Key factors are taken under consideration, we asked our surfer friend Cami Trejos and our Co Founder Luchi what these factors are.

Cami: “I first look at design and colors, it has to catch my eye. And then I check that it has good coverage for the boobies and I personally don’t like underwires or cuts/designs/seems that could make the fit uncomfortable.”

Luchi: “I cannot give much advice on the tops cause I have no boobs ja! As for the bottoms, I look for the grip in the mid-waist so they don’t fall off and prefer a cheeky cut to avoid getting any tan lines. Many opt for one-pieces, but I find them a bit slippery on your belly when paddling.”

Chia swimwear is designed by our Co-Founder Luchi, surfer and beach lover since she was born.

She combined her two loves by creating a swimwear brand perfect for surfing and friendly with the environment.

She has tested our swimwear and so has Cami, friend/client/surf girl. They both selected a list of pretty and comfy surf friendly swimwear from our No. 3 Verde Collection.

Luchi and Cami tested Chia No. 3 Verde and picked the best styles for surfing. Scroll to shop the edit.


The Stitch Set offers the best support for the b00bies, seamless comfort and great grip.” – Cami

“The Underwire Full-Piece is tight in all the right places.” – Luchi

Mix & Match the Tab Bottom with either the Tab Top or the Twist Top. Both tops offer incredible support, but if you’re not into underwires, the Twist Top is your way to go!

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