Behind the Collaboration with Andrea Kader

Zero Waste Sustainable Swimwear Collection: made by upcycling econyl and denim.

We partnered with Andrea Kader, Sustainable Fashion Brand from Costa Rica, to create a swimwear collection made by upcycling Econyl and denim.

Andrea Kader works upcycling denim and other fabrics to confection their one of a kind creations, like these patchwork shorts.

They have a “zero-waste policy” in their studio, meaning they always find a way to utilize all the materials available.

We had spare Econyl from our 2021 Swim Line: Caribe No 2. and we did not want it to go to waste.

Knowing Andrea’s Zero Waste Policy; we reached out to the brand to create a collection with scraps from their atelier and ours.

We used seams and belt loops from second hand jeans, Andrea Kader collected from local thrift stores, to create the denim accents on the swimsuit.

The collection is small, it consists of two styles of each: tops and bottoms. We took pre-existing styles of Caribe No 2. and with the help of Andrea Kader we revamped them.

By the end of the swimwear production we had spare fabric, so we decided to make sarongs.

Since we were working with the remaining material, we made six sarongs which were gifted with the first purchases.

At last, with the smallest scraps of fabric, we made enough scrunchies to give away with every purchase of our collaboration.

Making the whole production zero waste. We’re all very proud of the outcome of this unexpected collaboration!

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