Behind the Scenes of our Campaign No.2 Caribe

They captured the essence of the collection.

We shot the No.2 Caribe Collection in Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica with an incredible team of creatives.

Mariam Wo Ching and Leo Carvajal once again made magic with their cameras. We’ve been working with Mariam and Leo for a few years now since we admire their passion for what they do and appreciate the understanding they have for our brand. They captured the essence and the look and feel of the collection in one and a half days of shooting.

This year we teamed up with the talented make up artist Andrea Seas who wowed us with her talent. She accomplished an effortless yet stunning approach to the “no-make-up makeup look”. 

Via Independent Model Management CR we discovered the two beauties we featured in our campaign: Alba Lucas Ferrer and Debbie Mahoney. The girls were a pleasure to work with! 

Lucía Alfonso, co-founder and designer of the brand, creative directed the shoot off-site since she lives in Australia. She developed a clear imagery of what’s the outcome she desired for her newest line.

With the help of the Digital Marketing Manager of CHIA, Daniela Perera, Lucia’s vision was directed and produced on-site.

All the behind the scenes footage was shot by the production assistant Adriana Morales.

We are blessed to have worked with such a talented team of professionals!

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